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9 Reasons to love Katie Couric

So today’s life crush is Katie Couric, who came back to the morning news anchor chair for the first time since leaving the Today Show, guest hosting Good Morning America for Robin Roberts (who is on vacation and undoubtedly hoping she still has a job when she returns). And everyone was so happy about it! (I mean, except everyone who works at NBC.)

Look, look how happy they are! Granted this is a promo shot from last week and Katie wore a red shirt this morning instead of this lovely hot pink Michael Kors dress she’d already really made the rounds in, but this shot pretty much nails all there is to be said about the general vibe surrounding her cameo. Katie’s being doing a pretty great job lately of reminding me why I love her - in fact I’m going to go ahead and count the photo of her & George as #1 on the list - but in case you need some more convincing, here’s a recent round-up of what makes her Life Crush-worthy.

#2: Her Humblebrags

Here’s her Twitter caption on this one:

At lunch with my pal @cindi_leive @glamourmag. We both heard brights were in for spring! Thanks @michaelkors

In other words, I’m just hanging out with the Editor in Chief of Glamour and looking radiant. We’re just talking about power stuff and making decisions to inspire lots of ladies. We both threw on these $1600 dresses that we probably got for free - don’t I look breezy and casual and like I would be a blast to have a drink with in the afternoon? Probably a white wine, but who knows, I look like I like margaritas! Sounds fun right?

Why YES, Katie, yes it does.

#3: Her Instagrams

Here she is with Pauly D last week, proving she’s not afraid to get a little down & dirty. (Why are you putting that in your mouth, Katie!? And why did you just set America up to shout “That’s what she said?”) But her friendly tweets and silly photos make her fun and relatable, like anyone could fall into her awesome life of chatting with celebrities, learning vocab with Word-of-the-Day, lunching with VIPs, and just sharing the latest health article she stumbled across. You know, normal stuff. She’s JUST LIKE US!

#4: Lest you think her Instagram photos are all taken by a dutiful assistant, she also proves she likes snapping her own iPhone pics.

Yep, here she is at the Michael Kors show, (probably) Instagramming away while checking out the fashion from the front row. She’s classy, well-accessorized, has perfect, shiny hair, tasteful jewelry and a bold but classic clutch.

Plus, #5, look how much fun she’s having!!


#6: She brought us this dance move:

#7 & #8: And these ones:


And then she didn’t even try to pretend they were fake or Photoshopped or throw a stink about being “hacked” - she just straight up owned them. In fact her rep said,

"Katie had a good time dancing with her daughters—they choreographed the dance and had fun doing it."


And #9: Last but not least, even when she’s busting your balls, you’ve gotta love her. Just ask Matt Lauer!

Her tweet with this one, posted after her first day on GMA, reads:

 and  post  getting cozy with Matt in Time Square!

BURN! Not only does Matt get teased by his ex-cohost who stole all his thunder, but his unflattering wax figure is broadcast to the world. That’s gotta sting.

Well that’s all the life crushing I can handle for the day. ‘Til next time,